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Sourcing & Supply Chain Management in China and Across Asia

Our supply chain consulting services generate value by optimizing the way our client-supplier relationships work and by fine-tuning internal processes and practices. Our proprietary approach to co-creation and change management ensures companies receive sustained improvements over time.

The constant changes in cost dynamics on a global basis put more and more pressure on organizations to develop world class procurement and supply chain practices in order to fulfill cost saving targets. Asia Perspective is eager to support our clients in achieving and sustaining world class purchasing and supply chain performance.

With expertise in areas such as strategic sourcing, low cost country sourcing, procurement support and supply market analysis, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients custom-tailored best-in-class support. Asia Perspective finds creative solutions to our clients’ problems wherever they can be found, from market analysis or cost benchmarking to comprehensive and on-going management of our clients’ entire sourcing and supply chain operations.

At Asia Perspective, we work closely with your team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers. Along the entire process, we will build and support your organizational capabilities to sustain procurement gains over the long-term.

Areas of expertise:

  • Country/Region Analysis and assessment
  • Procurement Transformation
  • Strategic Cost Management and Savings diagnostics
  • Strategic Sourcing and Sourcing Best Practices
  • Low-Cost Country Sourcing
  • Execution and Implementation
  • Supply Market Analysis
  • Supplier Identification and Assessment
  • Sourcing and Procurement Training
  • Supply Chain Diagnostics
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Negotiation Support
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Category Assessment
  • Governance, Reporting and Dashboard CSR
  • Sustainable Procurement Program and Policy Review

Client results:

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