Australian Market Study for a High-end European Elevator Company

The client, a leading European company of low-speed lifts, had been selling their elevators to the Australian market for several years, but the recorded sales volume was quite low. Therefore, the client wanted to have a more comprehensive understanding of the market as well as opportunities for expanding their presence in Australia.

With that goal set, the client turned to Asia Perspective for support in evaluating Australia’s potential market for home lifts and accessibility lifts. Based on the study findings, the client will align their market development strategies with current and future market dynamics in order to capture a bigger market share.

Woman entering an accessible home lift

The project involved two main parts to provide a comprehensive and accurate market analysis for the client: external expert interviews and validating research.

  • External expert interview: Asia Perspective conducted several interviews with local distributors and relevant agencies to collect information of the market size, growth drivers, current and future market trends, regulations, and the competitive landscape. Based on the gathered information, our consultant team performed further analyses to create a comprehensive market analysis of home lifts and lifts for accessibility in Australia.
  • Validating research: At the same time, Asia Perspective conducted further research to verify and back up the gathered information from the external expert interviews. Research on macro and micro factors was also conducted to provide a deeper understanding of the market trends, growth drivers, and competitive landscape.
  • The client was provided with a comprehensive market study of home lifts and accessibility lifts in Australia. The final report clearly outlined the opportunities and challenges the client would face when expanding their presence. The report also provided the client with deeper insights on the targeted market and customers, key market trends, and potential segments for further development.
  • Based on the report findings, Asia Perspective’s consultant team also came up with a list of recommendations for the client to gain a larger share of the Australian home lift and accessibility lift market.

    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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