Business Services

We help your company grow without carrying the cost and risk of internal organizations in new markets.

With our business services you will have dedicated teams in China or South East Asia working as an integral part of your organization, but under our management and administration, and with the support of the rest of our team.

Our business services covers most areas where your business might need continuous support from experienced professionals, and can be customized exactly to your needs. The service can be a comprehensive alternative to a sales office or a sourcing office, encompassing all required functions, or cover just a specific role for supporting your team.

Examples of business services include:

  • Comprehensive sales office
  • Comprehensive sourcing office
  • Logistics management
  • Virtual office (managing salaries and administration for your staff)
  • Business development
  • Interim management (across all C-suite levels)
  • Operations management
  • B2B sales
  • Supplier management and quality control

Business service clients:

Logos for Asia Perspective business services clients

Please contact for a discussion on how we can set up an efficient solution for you.