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Ari Huusela Gets Prepared for Worsening Conditions in Biscay

Finnish solo sailor and flight captain Ari Huusela made history on Sunday, having started as the first Nordic skipper in the Vendée Globe ever. The conditions at the beginning of the race will immediately become challenging.


Ari Huusela


Totally 33 skippers, from nine different countries, set sail from Les Sables d’Olonne’s iconic Vendée Globe Race this Sunday morning. The start was slightly delayed due to fog, but finally took place at 15:20. The sailors were escorted and accompanied by spectacular flight show by the French Air Force.

“To date, I had only had one goal. Get off to the Vendée Globe. Only now can I set my goal to reach the finish line”, says Huusela.

The conditions in the Bay of Biscay, where the race starts, looks cruel. The headwind on Sunday-Monday night was already quite brisk. After that, there might be a day or two with more favorable weather, before once again taking on strong winds. Depending on the development of the forecasts, it may be followed by a third corresponding front.

“The Bay of Biscay has already been experienced before. Three of my departures across the Atlantic have taken place in infernal conditions. In such condition one needs to change tactics, not to talk about competing any more but about survival. The safety and security of sailing must be maximized in order to keep the boat intact”, Huusela says.

Only about five to six days after the start should conditions begin to ease.

The Vendée Globe route runs around the globe, without stopping and without assistance. Its theoretical length, taking the current position of big icebergs into account, is about 45,000 kilometers.

Ari Huusela has estimated that his trip will take about 100 days. During the last eight races only 52% of the participating boats have made their path to the finish line.

Asia Perspective is a technical partner of Ari Huusela Ocean Race and wishes him the best of luck and success in his endeavor.

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Asia Perspective and leading IP house Berggren to join forces in IPR Infringement Mapping

When talking about intellectual property security in China and elsewhere in Asia, the problems are often rooted in government driven protectionism, difficulties in finding evidence, disproportionately small damage awards – if any, and a perceived bias against foreigners.


Asia Perspective and Berggren Logos


This perception is justified to some degree, but in many cases the hardship results from deficiencies in establishing the right strategies, quick-jumps into partnerships with unknown companies, a low understanding of the local market dynamics, or from a generally blue-eyed attitude.

No matter how intelligently intellectual property protection strategies and measures have been established, one day one may notice that one’s creations of mind have been taken into use by third parties, unexpectedly and without approval. Finding the perpetrators, the location and the magnitude of the infringing activities often turn into a nightmare – a mission impossible. The question arises: Should one simply accept the state of affairs and be more prudent in the future?

At Asia Perspective we have an excellent track record in solving this type of problems. The same effective methods and approaches that we’re using in our other assignments have proved to be workable in detecting infringing activities. Once the investigative mapping has been successfully carried out, the client will receive a full report of the findings and full evidence of the infringing activities to carry out legal action.

In order to further enhance the level of service quality, Asia Perspective and Berggren have decided to offer IPR Infringement Mapping as a joint end-to-end service, where Berggren’s unique technological expertise will benefit any infringement inspection.

For more than 80 years Berggren has helped businesses achieve success by assisting them with all aspects of their intellectual property rights.  Berggren provides professional IP services throughout the entire IP life cycle, from initial creation to protection, enforcement and monetization. The Berggren team includes nearly 200 total employees, making it one of the largest IP firms in all of Europe.

For more information feel free to contact:


Sami Lindström – Asia Perspective

+ 358 40 5774344, +86 158 2124 7270


Sakari Värilä – Berggren

+ 358 10 227 2381, +358 40 838 5447

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Asia Perspective launches Asia Gateway

The Asia Gateway platform is a trilateral partnership that facilitates turn-key access to Asian markets. The uniqueness of the offering lies in its three founding partners; Asia Perspective, Jiuyou Fund and Korkia.


Together, the founding partners of Asia Gateway can offer turnkey access to the Chinese market for Nordic companies. Asia Perspective offers a large implementational capacity with offices across China and South East Asia, as well as extensive experience in adapting and implementing strategies for the Asian markets. Shanghai-based Jiuyou fund offers capital for this growth, as well as unrivaled access to companies and decision makers in China. Korkia brings expertise in sustainable growth strategies and in supporting Finnish companies to expand overseas.

With Jiuyou fund as a business accelerator and potentially investor for our clients, we are able to quickly access the market by joining forces with a well-matched local partner that has an existing market reach, or by introducing the client to clients with whom it would otherwise take years to develop a relationship.

The Asia Gateway process start with a validation of a client’s potential to increase its value by creating new business on the Asian markets. This is conducted with a rapid market analysis and a feasibility study followed by the development of a growth strategy for Asia. Based on the results, the client can make a decision whether to enter the Asian markets. In case the client decides so, Asia Gateway will support them also in the implementation of the growth strategy. The support in the implementation phase covers a variety of services ranging from door-opening to clients and partners, operational support, building the local organization, legal support and IPR protection, office space, back-office support, and support in the execution of mergers and acquisitions. Through the partnership with Jiuyou fund, selected clients may also receive financing for their Asia expansions.

“We have over a decade of experience in doing business in Asia and have supported numerous companies from many industries to achieve their goals and visions. Our partnership with Korkia and Jiuyou further strengthens our customers’ ability to succeed in Asia. We are very excited about these new partnerships and the opportunities they can bring to our customers,” says Daniel Karlsson, Managing Director of Asia Perspective.

Thanks to it being co-funded by multiple provincial and city governments in China, Jiuyou fund has unrivaled access key stakeholders and companies in and outside of its portfolio that can exponentially increase the go-to-market speed and success.

“Jiuyou provides access to an investment fund, promotes technological innovations in many provinces and cities and acts as an active participant in China’s industrial upgrading. We strive to provide continuous investments and services to the high-tech industry. We are very excited and look forward to work with Nordic companies that are interested in the Chinese market,” comments Dave Wu, the Chief Executive of Jiuyou International, which is responsible for Jiuyou’s international business activities.

The Asia Gateway is initially primarily focused on technology and sustainability companies in Finland, which Korkia has long experience in working with.

“There is still tremendous amount of untapped potential in the Chinese market for many Finnish companies. We support our customers to build sustainable business and growth in China in the long-term in a so-called turn-key type of way – we want our clients to succeed and are prepared to put also our own skin in the game by sharing risks” says Martti Malmivirta, Korkia Consulting Oy’s Executive Chairman.

More information:

Asia Perspective

In Asia:

Daniel Karlsson
+86 137 6108 9974

In the Nordics:

Alexander Ocieczek
+46 707 699 207

Jiuyou Fund

Dave Wu
+86 189 1190 0922


Martti Malmivirta
+358 40 555 4720 

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Asia Perspective to support Ari Huusela Ocean Racing, one of the toughest attempts to sail round the world

Over 3000 persons have climbed Mount Everest, over 500 persons have gone to space, but less than 100 persons have competed 44.000 kilometres around the world in a sailboat, alone, without stopping, without assistance, and as fast as possible.

Ari Huusela's yacht

Finnish Ari Huusela wants to achieve what less than a hundred people have done before him. The 55-year old Airbus 350 airline captain and sailor wants to begin a new chapter in Nordic sailing. As the first Nordic sailor Ari participates in all Imoca Globe Series ocean races before the legendary Vendée Globe 2020, which consists in sailing solo and without stops around the world. Next year there will be two and respectively in 2020 two other races before Vendée 2020. Vendée 2020 is the biggest sport event to be arranged in France in 2020 and offers unprecedented global visibility for sponsors and stakeholders.

The Imoca Globe Series is sometimes called the world cup of solo and duo sailing. It will start on November this year with the Route du Rhum, which follows the contours of the old rum route from France to the Caribbean. Only a few months separates us from the starting day and the 40-year anniversary festivities are expected to persuade over 2 million visitors in the city.

The Formula 1 of all solo sailing classes is known as IMOCA60. Ari’s vessel came to Finland in May and Ari has trained ever since on the Baltic either alone or with a crew. After a regular maintenance and refurbishment period in England the vessel will be transferred to the old coastal city of St. Malo in France. The inauguration of the first race Route du Rum takes place on October 24 and all participants and skippers will be present until the starting day in November.

Ocean racing has become an extremely popular sports discipline. The race can be easily followed with live-applications and the race organizations as well as the teams publish constantly the latest news and information also outside the races. The visual taste of adventure speaks also for those who do not sail themselves.

Knowing that the popularity of sailing is growing fast in China and Asia, Ari is thankful for getting Asia Perspective as his trusted Asian partner in promoting his project in Asian markets.

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Event Announcement: Will China remain as the hub for sourcing? Discover the trends in sourcing: Region, Channel and Organization

As China moves away from being a manufacturing-driven economy to a more consumption and service driven model, traditional sourcing activities in China will evolve into a different category with new dimensions and focus.


View over Ningbo


Join us at the Four Seasons hotel, Shanghai on September 18, 2018 to learn the results of our survey of more than 1,000 executives and sourcing managers from over 30 countries. For full details, download the invitation below.

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Business support in central Yangon: Lychee office opens in Myanmar

Asia Perspective has expanded its service offering and presence in Myanmar, moving in to more spacious offices in central Yangon, and entering a strategic partnership with Lychee Ventures – one of the first foreign investors in the country. You are welcome to visit us, or contact us for advice and support in how to succeed on this great market!

Setting up a new business in Myanmar can be a headache if you don’t get the right support. To mitigate this, Asia Perspective has set up a Business Support Office (BSO) in central Yangon, where you can be up-and-running from day one without worrying about any administrative issues. Lychee Office, as we call it, is a Nordic hub where you can share experiences and benefit from our reception and office services, as well as from market entry services. There are options in both a shared co-working space and in private offices. Whenever the support of your fellow office colleagues won´t be sufficient, we are here to give you professional advice. Find out more in the attachment and welcome to join us in Lychee office!

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Explore the opportunities of Myanmar´s expanding healthcare sector

A doctor looks at healthcare equipment


Asia Perspective and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar are hosting a trip to introduce Nordic healthcare companies to the market opportunities in Myanmar. We will meet the Minister of health, visit multiple large projects within the healthcare sector and introduce our participants to Director-level executives at healthcare institutions that are currently in the process of sourcing equipment, drugs, healthcare solutions or other related goods and services. In between all these meetings we will of course also find time to show you some of the colourful country´s beauty, and introduce you to its diverse cuisine.

The duration of the trip will be five days, and it will take place during September 2018, with the exact dates to be decided soon. You will find all information in the attached invitation. Let us know now whether you might be interested in participating, or if you have any questions. All queries can be directed to:

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Asia Perspective to participate on seminar regarding Myanmar and Frontier Asia Economic Development

On March 25th, Mr. Andreas Sigurdsson, Partner and MD of Asia Perspective’s Yangon office, will hold a keynote presentation on the topic of “Myanmar and Frontier Asia Economic Development” at an event hosted by CCIC (Camera di Commercio Italiana in China) and SPWG (Service Providers Working Group) in Shanghai.

According to the World Bank, Myanmar is facing an economic boom, and the country is expected to grow steadily in the short to medium term, with a projected 6.8 percent growth in the short to medium term, with a projected 6.8 percent growth in the 2013-2014 year, applauding the Southeast Asian nation’s progress in making political and economic reforms. Foreign investment contributed in large part to the strong growth and optimistic outlook for the economy. FDI rose to 2.7 billion dollar in 2012-2013, up from the 1.9 billion dollar in 2011-2012, with energy, garment, information technology, and food and beverages sectors receiving most of that investment. The government passed a new foreign investment law that is expected to continually help improve the foreign investment environment.

To maintain growth, Myanmar will need to continue making domestic reforms.