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Cardboard and paper packaging
Packaging Manufacturing & Sourcing in Vietnam: An introduction
Vietnam is a major exporter of packaging products, and the industry has been developing for decades. Nowadays, you can find everything from multinationals to ...
Gym equipment
Vietnam’s Sports & Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Industry
The sports and fitness equipment industry has grown much in recent years as people become more health conscious. The trend is particularly visible in ...
Electric car battery production
Machinery & Industrial Equipment Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Increasingly more companies target the Vietnamese supply market, which is a result of global supply chain disruptions and increasing wages in China. Its favorable ...

Our Work and Cases

Scandinavian lounge furniture
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Consumer Products
ODM Furniture Supplier Search in Vietnam for a Nordic e-Retailer
The client, one of the largest e-retailers of furniture and interior design in the Nordic region, has been doing most of their sourcing in ...
Modern bathroom interior
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Consumer Products
Vietnamese Suppliers Strategic Search for a Nordic Bathroom Furniture Maker
The client, a bathroom furniture maker in the Nordic region, has designed, produced, and sold bathroom furniture for over a century, with sourcing activities ...
Selection of mobile phone covers
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Consumer Products
China Supply Chain Assessment for a Swedish Phone Accessory Company
The client, a leading Swedish phone accessory company, has been growing fast in past years and they expected a significant growth in the coming ...
Hand using a remote controller for an air purifier
Market Entry & Market Expansion
Consumer Products
China Distributor Search for Air Sterilizer Machine Company
The client, a Swedish company producing air sterilizer and purifier machines, wanted to increase sales by expanding in the Chinese market during the Covid-19 ...

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