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View of Ho Chi Minh CIty
Fundraising in Vietnam
Fundraising has become increasingly more important for many companies in Vietnam, including everything from non-profits to startups. Being the fastest-growing country in Southeast Asia ...
Shaking hands with a supplier
How to Find & Verify Suppliers in China
Sourcing products in China can be a cost-effective strategy for companies looking to expand their supply chain. However, with the multitude of options available, ...
Consultants discussing supply chain financing
Supply Chain Financing in China
With the impact of the epidemic, the differentiation of the global supply chain has accelerated. As a business owner, no doubt that you have ...

Our Work and Cases

Market Entry Strategy and Support – Seafood Manufacturer
Market Entry & Expansion
Food & Beverage
Market Entry Strategy and Support – Seafood Manufacturer
The client, a European seafood manufacturer, was evaluating the potential of entering the Chinese market and was building a business case to review internally ...
Auto factory production line worker
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Streamlining Logistics in China for Global Automotive Safety Equipment Manufacturer
The client, a globally leading manufacturer of safety equipment for the automotive industry, already had a strong presence in China with 16 plants and ...
Ball bearings
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Component Sourcing for Ball Bearing Company
The client, a leading European ball bearing manufacturer, needed to increase the percentage of components sourced locally from China. Additionally, the client faced difficulties ...
Engineer removing a lead acid battery
Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
Increasing Profit and Decreasing Environmental Impact for Leading Automotive Dealership
The client, a leading automotive dealership chain with heavy presence throughout all of Japan, wanted to both increase profit and to decrease environmental impact ...

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Asia Perspective’s Economic Update Report is issued up to four times per year and features recent developments and emerging trends within key Asian industries including: Automotive, Retail, Cleantech, Medtech, Metals & Mining as well as Manufacturing & Engineering.

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