Market Insights

Asia Perspective’s Market Insight reports are issued throughout the year and feature hot business topics and recent developments within emerging Asian markets.

Chinese currency
Should European Companies be Worried about Money-Laundering in China?
Anti-money laundering and - terrorist financing obligations are based on international standards. The aim of the regulation is global compliance with common customer due ...
Silhouette of a man using a mobile phone
Can Good Reputation Become a Risk in China Business?
Reputation management has been put on the agenda of nearly every company board over the past few years, and its importance is unanimously acknowledged ...
Cars parked in front of a dealership
The Rise of China’s Second-Hand Car Market
By the end of 2015, the Chinese owned approximately 172 million cars, and the country maintained its position as the world’s largest car market ...
Myanmar street scene
Myanmar: The Continued Rise of an Emerging Economy
Back in 2011, Myanmar experienced a transformative political election which resulted in significant economic strides. In 2015, power changed hands once again. Under the ...
Solar panels in an array
The Road Ahead for Clean Energy in China
Starting with the release of the previous five-year plan, the Chinese government has continually re-articulated its commitment to cleaner energy. The 2011 five-year plan ...
Apartment blocks in Wuxi, China
Looming Housing Bubble in China’s Real Estate Market
China’s volatile housing market has generated a great deal of debate over the past few years. Through 2014 and 2015, the real estate sector ...
A nurse holding a baby
Healthcare in China: Lack of Substantive Change But Increasing Opportunities for Foreign Investment
The Chinese healthcare sector continues to develop at an extraordinary pace, with health care spending expected to top $1 trillion USD in 2020. China ...
Milk and cookies
China’s Increasing Appetite for Imported Food and Beverages
Thanks to its rapid growth in recent years, China has emerged as the world’s largest consumer market for food and beverage (F&B), surpassing the ...
Trains in a rail freight yard
The New Silk Road: The Attraction of Rail Freight Between China and Europe
Increasing labor costs close to the large freight harbors and improved collaboration across key land borders resulting in a decrease in the freight time, ...
Metal foundry
China’s Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Stands Strong in the Face of Global Storms
Although the global market for non-ferrous metals is not promising, China is taking actions to revive the market. As the recession continues unabated, the ...

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