Market Insights

Asia Perspective’s Market Insight reports are issued throughout the year and feature hot business topics and recent developments within emerging Asian markets.

Worker in electronics factory
Vietnam Contract Manufacturing: A Complete Guide
Vietnam has become one of the most sought-after manufacturing destinations in Asia, following the US-China Trade War, recent supply chain disruptions, and for companies ...
Hydrogen manufacturing plant
China’s Hydrogen Strategy: Present & Future State
As China takes faster steps to achieve green development, hydrogen plays a key role in process of transitioning the energy mix and addressing climate ...
Chinese factory worker
China Contract Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Guide
Contract manufacturing has been a common and effective solution to relieve the shortage of production output and decrease costs. China has undoubtedly been a ...
Solar farm in China
Solar energy batteries are booming in China
The solar energy battery market has got much attention in China in recent years, being a fast-growing industry in renewable energy. In short, a ...
Circuit board with semiconductor
China’s Semiconductor Industry: Current Development and Complications
In 2022, the global semiconductor industry suffered greatly, following shortages in 2021. While the technology sector stocks lost over 30% year-to-year, semiconductor stocks have ...
Loading timber onto a truck
Importing Wood to Vietnam: An Introduction
Vietnam has a diverse sourcing market for wooden products and furniture, counting for more than 4% of the global market. It’s the second-largest market ...
Clothes factory in Indonesia
Textile & Clothing Manufacturing in Indonesia
With robust economic growth and rising purchasing power, Indonesia becomes an attractive destination for the clothing and textile industry. Still, fierce competition from international ...
Workers conducting a CSR audit
CSR Audits in China: Complete Guide
CSR has received increasing attention among companies with manufacturing in China in recent years. As a result of new government regulations and higher expectations ...
Construction in Malaysia
FDI in Malaysia recovered remarkably from years of contraction
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has long been a key driver in the development of the Malaysian economy. Thanks to the government’s continuous efforts in ...
Eating hotpot in a Chinese restaurant
China’s Catering Industry Bouncing Back After COVID-19 Lockdowns
As Beijing and Shanghai have recently resumed outdoor activities after months of lockdowns and tight restrictions, China’s catering industry, including the restaurant sector and ...
Consultant inspecting a factory
Mergers and Acquisitions in Vietnam: A Complete Guide
Increasingly more companies seek to establish a presence in Vietnam through local M&A activities, a result of its growing manufacturing industry and domestic consumption ...
Factory workers in Indonesia
SE Asia
Moving Manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia: An Introduction
Foreign companies have used low-cost country sourcing strategies for decades with a strong focus on China. In the past years, we’ve seen a new ...

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