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Asia Perspective’s Market Insight reports are issued throughout the year and feature hot business topics and recent developments within emerging Asian markets.

Quang Ninh province, Vietnam
Vietnam’s Provincial Competitiveness Index: Highlights of Key Results and Governance Trends
Vietnam’s Provincial Competitiveness Index measures the economic governance for business development of 63 provinces and centrally-run cities in Vietnam. In this insight, Asia Perspective ...
Cardboard and paper packaging
Packaging Manufacturing & Sourcing in Vietnam: An introduction
Vietnam is a major exporter of packaging products, and the industry has been developing for decades. Nowadays, you can find everything from multinationals to ...
Gym equipment
Vietnam’s Sports & Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Industry
The sports and fitness equipment industry has grown much in recent years as people become more health conscious. The trend is particularly visible in ...
Electric car battery production
Machinery & Industrial Equipment Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Increasingly more companies target the Vietnamese supply market, which is a result of global supply chain disruptions and increasing wages in China. Its favorable ...
Vietnamese carpenter measuring wood for furniture
Furniture Sourcing & Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Vietnam has a versatile sourcing market of wooden products and furniture, being one of the biggest exporters globally. Since it joined the WTO in ...
Cai Lai port Vietnam
Vietnam’s Seaport System is set on Revitalization and FDI Attraction
Seaports in Vietnam play an important role in maritime infrastructure for local and international transportation. The industry showed growth in 2021 despite trading activities ...
Telecoms antennas
Telecom Equipment Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Vietnam is currently one of the biggest exporters of consumer electronics globally, something we reviewed in our separate article. A somewhat overlooked industry is ...
Electronics production line
Electronics Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Electronics production contributes to a significant part of Vietnam's manufacturing output and exports. With multinationals such as Samsung, Foxconn, and Intel present, Vietnam has ...
Textile factory worker in Vietnam
Textile & Clothing Manufacturing in Vietnam: An Introduction
Vietnam is well-known for its textile manufacturing capabilities and is currently one of the biggest exporters globally. It’s considered one of the most interesting ...
Kuala Lumpur city center
Sourcing & Manufacturing in Malaysia: An Introduction
Since its independence in 1963, Malaysia has been one of Southeast Asia’s best-performing economies. In the 1970s, it shifted from primarily relying on agriculture ...
Thai farmer working in his fields
SE Asia
Southeast Asia’s Plant-Based Food Market: New Consumer Behaviours Post-Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumers’ health consciousness globally, which has also greatly benefited the alternative protein market. Southeast Asia is no exception as ...
Semiconductor Shortage Update
Semiconductor Shortage Update
The semiconductor industry witnessed strong growth in the last few years due to skyrocketing demand in every industry that applies digitalization and automation; from ...

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