Market Study for a Global Mining Equipment Manufacturer

The client, a European mining equipment manufacturer, wanted to gain more comprehensive insights to the Chinese surface mining segment. Having a long global success history, the company wanted to continue its momentum in China.

The client had limited presence on the Chinese surface drill market today and wanted to gain a better understanding of the market, therefore needed sufficient market information and strategic recommendations to support their decision on how to gain further success in the market.

With that aim, the client turned to Asia Perspective to get more insights to the mining market in China. By identifying potential business growth opportunities, the client wanted to establish a long-term strategic positioning on the Chinese market.

Mining drill

Asia Perspective conducted a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis to estimate the market size, meanwhile macro and micro research were conducted to illustrate the growth drivers and future market trends, including the mining industry development, machinery and equipment trends, and new territories for market key players.

Meanwhile, Asia Perspective interviewed plenty of experts and customers, to understand users’ expectations and the purchasing criteria, as well as the feedback on major products and providers in the market.

Due to the complexity of the project, a comprehensive market study of the industry, trend identifications analysis and in-depth competitor analysis was provided to the client with the aim to give an accurate picture of the Chinese market.

Risks and opportunities on the Chinese market were identified, and potential customer base in relevant industries provided.

Based on market knowledge and customer voices, Asia Perspective developed a Chinese business strategy, including market positioning, target customers and sales strategy.

The final report gave the client a comprehensive market overview and recommendations with doable implementations, aiming to grasp a larger market share of the Chinese market.

    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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