New Partnership to bring Nordic growth companies and Startups to the Asian Markets

March 31, 2021

Asia Perspective and AYK Nordic has signed a strategic partnership with the aim to invest in, and support Nordic startups and growth companies that has significant involvement or potential in China and East Asia.


Asia Perspective AYK Partnership


The parties will jointly evaluate investment cases and asses how they can help accelerate the companies. The vision is to invest only in cases where the expertise, operational infrastructure and network of Asia Perspective and AYK can significantly help the invested companies in succeeding. The cooperation targets both businesses that see China, or other Asian regions, as potential end-markets, as well as those that have significant exposure to the markets on the supply side.

AYK and Asia Perspective has complementing capabilities and networks, and together we can offer market leading access to the increasingly important Asian markets, as well as practical support on the ground in the region, says Alexander Ocieczek, Partner at Asia Perspective, and in charge of the undertaking from Asia Perspective’s side.

AYK Capital is a privately owned investment firm with operations in London, Stockholm and Shanghai.  They are engaged in the increasing integration of the Chinese and Western markets, by deploying capital into European investments, and providing Chinese corporations with access to the international financial system. Supported by investors with historical influence in China’s financial and securities fields, AYK’s majority shareholder AAT-Yunkun SH operates a USD 3 billion foreign exchange quota and USD 18 billion foreign debt quota through AYK Capital. AYK Capital has a diverse founding team, including senior investment professionals and business leaders from the UK, Sweden and China.

Asia Perspective is the most trusted and well recognized partner and service provider for Nordic companies in East and South East Asia. They are clearly specialized in bridging the gap between the business ecosystems of Northern Europe and East Asia. The services cover market entry and growth, operational setup and reorganization, production and sourcing, as well as cross-border M&A and financing. The company has a newly established venture arm that specialize in supporting startups and growth companies that the company believes can succeed in Asia.