Sales Process Assessment and Competitor Benchmarking in Saudi Arabia for a High-end European Home Lift Company

The client, a leading European home lift company, wanted to assess the sales performance of their distributors and benchmark it against other competitors in Saudi Arabia as part of their sales strategy revision.

With vast experience in conducting similar projects, Asia Perspective was asked to help the client in performing the sales process assessment and provided them with a comprehensive and detailed report pointing out things that need to be improved.

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  • Asia Perspective prepared a list of criteria for assessment and contacted several distributors of both the client and their competitors to investigate the sales process. From different customer journeys, good and bad points regarding response time, customer’s satisfaction, and pricing were recorded. Asia Perspective’s consultant team then performed further analyses based on gathered information to come up with a comprehensive sales process evaluation.
  • Specifications of major competitors’ available models were also collected and compared to help the client better identify their position on the market as well as give the client some ideas on product development and pricing strategy.
  • The client was provided with a comprehensive sales process analysis of major elevator distributors in Saudi Arabia. The analysis outlined the desirable sales process that can increase customer’s satisfaction and sales conversion rate. Besides, the report also pointed out issues when contacting distributors and other factors that would affect the customer’s buying decision. Based on the output of the report, the client would work with their distributors to redesign a more efficient sales process as well as adjust the processes of some poorly performing distributors.
  • The client also received a price and specifications benchmark that illustrated the competitive landscape in Saudi Arabia and the position of the client on the market. From the provided specifications and pricing of major competitors, the client could revise their product development and pricing strategy more effectively.

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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