Sales Strategy Development for Entering China’s Packaging Market

Based on previous industry analysis and market potential evaluation conducted by Asia Perspective at an earlier phase, the client, a Nordic technical laminate and protective packaging manufacturer was determined to enter the highly lucrative Chinese packaging material market and establish a presence in China. Therefore, Asia Perspective was hired to support the client to continue the path by establishing a sales strategy, providing recommendations and presenting a detailed roadmap.

Laminate packaging boxes

China offers one of the largest consumer markets in the world, which creates huge market potential for packaging material. After decades of development, China’s policy and people’s view on packaging material have shifted from valuing function highest to valuing sustainability instead. With the client’s sustainable solution, together with the products’ capability of preserving a variety of food, backed by decades of hands-on experience from selling it on the European market, the client aimed at offering great packing solutions to Chinese companies and gaining a position in this not fully exploited market.

In order to figure out the most efficient way to enter the market and establish a sales strategy, Asia Perspective applied following methods:

  • Conduct expert interviews within relevant industries to be aware of competitors movement and market dynamics
  • Collecting first-hand insight from potential client’s to understand established sourcing practices for packing materials, as well as what the market is pursuing in the future
  • Seek different ways to approach business targets in a direct way

Asia Perspective provided the client with a variety of possible scenarios, preparing them for all potential outcomes of entering the market. Targeting both short-term and long-term revenue, the client was recommended to take step-by-step actions and prioritize certain customer segments under different scenarios.

Simultaneously, Asia Perspective also provided a detailed roadmap to the client, to help them gain a deeper understanding and enable them to align their business model to the market they prepared to enter.

The client started their implementation in China by initiating communication with potential customers, as well as broadening and exploring more channels for finding business opportunities, with the recommendation and resources provided by Asia Perspective.

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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