Strategic Sourcing & Benchmarking for Global Automotive OEM

The client, a global automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer), had witnessed a shortage and disruption in their supply chain of semiconductors.

Car manufacturers have found themselves at the back of the queue when other tech-heavy industries had driven the demand.

Asia Perspective was asked to support the client with aligning its operations with other developed electronics manufactures as well as to find alternative suppliers in order to supply the client’s demand.

Automotive production line

The project was carried out in three steps: As-is Analysis, External Analysis and Benchmarking and Recommendations.

Several sources were used in order to gather data for the project, including in-depth interviews, internal work documents collected from the client, as well as external data for benchmarking with industry peers in China and in other Asian countries.

In parallel, Asia Perspective conducted a strategic sourcing review of the semiconductor landscape, as well as a benchmark study of other electronics manufactures and their sourcing setup in China.

Asia Perspective provided the client with a comprehensive report, presenting a short list of the best suited suppliers, as well as giving the client a thorough overview of the Chinese semiconductor landscape with valuable insights.

The study also illustrated how other tech-heavy industries are conducting their souring operations in China, identifying how our client could align their operations to these key players.

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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    Marcus Sohlberg, Business Development Director

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